Do you know ? 

Based on reseach, there are people carrying up to


unnwanted substance in their bodies

Why toxins built up in our bodies ?

*Unhealthy Lifestyle Food high in fats (saturated & trans fat), Sugar, Sodium, Caffeine, smoking & alcohol.

*Stress Work/ study environment; hectic lifestyle; poor sleeping pattern.

*Processed Foods Antibiotics; growth hormone; pesticide; colouring; preservatives.

*Environment Pollution Car emissions; smog; chemicals & impurities found in water

*Beauty Products Untested chemicals & toxins from hair, nail & skin products.

*Long Term Medication prolong use of medicines, drugs & antibiotics.


Key Associated Problems

Weight issues
Stomach upset or constipation
Poor skin conditions
Lethargic or lack of energy
Illnesses or sickness easily
Bad breath
Foul mood and Many more








There are no quick fixes, magic pills, tricks or solutions that will keep you fit & at a healthy weight instantly

It is your lifestyle & eating habits that determine it !!!





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Phytonutrients are natural bioactive compounds

( carotenoids, flavonoids, isoflavones etc )
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